About us

Bell R.E.I. is a reliable source for deeply discounted, off-market investment properties. Whether you’re looking for fix and flip opportunities, rentals to build your portfolio, or a handyman special for you or a family member, we have a steady supply of properties at prices reserved for seasoned investors.

Which areas do we serve?

Our primary market is throughout the greater Phoenix Area, and Maricopa county, and growing! Soon to be offering properties throughout Florida and Ohio.

How and where do we find such awesome deals?

We find these properties way before they hit the market and their prices inflate to the point of leaving no meat on the bone for a serious investor. Our marketing techniques have been honed through years of unrelenting improvement and innovation.

In a world of over saturated direct-mail and other stone-aged tactics, we get motivated sellers on the phone via cold calling very specialized and accurate lists of home owners, long before they have to sort through their junk mail and call the next investor in line. By getting in contact and building relationships with sellers before most other investors, we are able to lock down properties even quicker and avoiding bidding wars keeping the prices as low as possible.

Our innovative advantage is what allows us to provide smokin’ deals on a consistent basis for our base of loyal, seasoned investors.

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