What Our Clients Say

  • Billy and Brent have been incredible to work with. We have purchased at least 10 homes from them in the last 6 months, and each one has been a winner. We enjoy their level of communication and ability to handle problems quickly and professionally if they come up throughout the escrow. Whenever we get a text or email from Billy, we are sure to take a look at it right away as it is probably another great opportunity. Looking forward to buying many more from them in the future.
    Nate R. & Elmon K.

  • I've been receiving messages and buying homes from Billy for 5 months now. After multiple deals with BIG spreads he has my confidence and my attention.  It's even gotten to the point that when I receive a text from Billy I drop whatever I'm doing and rush look at the property because I know a text from Billy means money in the bank!!!
    Brian H.

  • I have purchased a number of homes from Billy Bell.  He is a pleasure to work with and has the systems in place to effective target deeply discounted properties.  He has a great team in place and does a great job of making sure the process of purchasing his properties goes smoothly.
    John M.

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